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Whether it was butterflies in your stomach the first day of freshman year, the joy of learning to drive in tenth grade, the pressures of eleventh grade chemistry or the hopes of becoming senior class president or prom "Royalty," most of us developed formidable and fond memories during our high school years. It is with this in mind that we are creating a repository to permanently house these memories.

Most of our public high schools have been closed or converted to districts outside of DPS. Many of the buildings have been demolished, leaving an open space in the hearts of its alumni. The architecture of these magnificent structures was nothing less than regal and is well deserving of a place in history. We intend to cast a broad light on the many facades that made up the Detroit Public School System and the wonderful people who graced those stellar hallways.

Our project is just getting underway and there will be lots of work ahead, but we are confident that we will be successful. Click the links to the left to see how you can help us reach our goals. We've just purchased a shuttle bus and a transit bus. Our goals are to convert these vehicles into mobile museums by September 30, 2018. Phase two is to purchase and convert an old school building into our permanent home. We hope to acquire, renovate and open this facility by late 2019.

We would love your help!

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